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Ickford Parish Council

         HE MARCH MEETING WAS HELD, YET                        The state of the road between Ickford and Worminghall
     TAGAIN, BY ZOOM ON TUESDAY 9  MARCH.                      has been reported on ‘Fix My Street’ but efforts will be
                                                               made to contact the relevant Buckinghamshire employee
     Unfortunately no villagers chose to attend this time but   directly to see if action can be taken soon to repair this
     we were joined by three prospective candidates for the    road.
     Bernwode district councillor role which brings me to ask
     you to take note of the article about the elections in May   Our February meeting started with a presentation
     for the parish council.                                   by Rectory Homes on the development at the end of
                                                               Turnfields. The scheme will consist of 30 units with
     At our meeting there were discussions about, as usual,    permeable paving and water storage tanks underground
     flooding and footpaths. We are all aware of the issues    which will discharge excess water to the suds pond
     regarding flooding and, thanks to persistent emails to the   on site. The advantage of this is that the water can be
     powers that be, solutions are, very slowly, being found   released slowly into the mainstream. This should result in
     and acted upon. We are aware that a lot of footpaths are   the current flooding problems not worsening.
     very damaged due to both high usage and lots of rain.
     We are awaiting replies on who has responsibility for the   Sewage was another issue and Rectory Homes are
     maintenance of footpaths in fields.                       consulting with Thames Water on this matter so that,
                                                               hopefully, the sewage situation is not exacerbated by the
     We are about to make an appeal to both Buckinghamshire    presence of another 96 homes in the village.
     Council and to Deanfield Homes to ensure that their
     lorries do not use Bridge Road for access to the site     As far as timescales were concerned Rectory Homes
     during building.                                          reported that, ideally, work would start at the end of 2021
                                                               but realistically it would probably be at the beginning of
                                                               2022 and should be completed within 18 months.

                                                               As regards the Worminghall Road development, the
                                                               council confirmed that they did not want street lights
                                                               on the development in order to conform with the
                                             SCAN ME           neighbourhood plan for dark skies.
                                           our NEW order
                                           app is now live!    A small piece of land at the top of Turnfields was sold
                                                               by the Parish Council to Rectory Homes for the sum
       The Angel Pantry at Home                                of £23,000. Once the elections have been held, a

       Our oven ready menu is available for next day collection,   decision will be made about how best to spend this. Any
                     Sample menus online at:                   suggestions will be gratefully received by the clerk.

                                                               I have been asked to make this report witty and amusing.
                                                               Failed again!

                                                               All Parish council information is available on the village
       Weddings, Anniversary & family celebrations             Buckinghamshire Council run a series of local community
                                                               boards dealing with issues that concern local councils.
                                                               There are various sub committees, a couple of which are
                                                               discussing walking and cycling and the problems of freight
                                                               travelling on unsuitable roads through the villages. If you
                                                               would like to know more  please contact the clerk. v
         We are now taking bookings from July 1st 2021!
          E: for more information   Barbara Kolbert

                                                                                                         March 2021
     o ur i c k f o r dn ew s l e t t e r @ h o t m a il . c o m   6  6                                  M a r c h   2 0 21                      7                                             March 2021
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