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I am also hoping that other
                                                                                 fundraising may allow us to install a
                                                                                 new outdoor classroom where the
                                                                                 children can learn about and get a
                                                                                 more hands on experience of, the
                                                                                 natural world around them. I know
                                                                                 that the concept of ‘Forest School’
                                                                                 has been around for some time now
                                                                                 but often schools jump into the latest
                                                                                 ‘fad’ without thinking it through
     A message from  John Ronane Headteacher                                     properly and initial enthusiasm for
    I  T WAS THE EARL OF BEACONSFIELD and former Prime                           loses any impact.
                                                                                 something new soon wears off and

       Minister, Benjamin Disraeli who said:
                                                                                 Our approach has been to build our
        “There is no education like adversity”
                                                                                 curriculum more slowly, ensuring
                                                                                 that we prioritise the needs of our
                                                                                 children and strive for excellence
     . . . and as one working in education,   I hope that anyone reading this    rather than rushing in and building
     I can promise you that I have learned   who has suffered unforeseen         on unstable foundations. Hence why
     a great deal in these adverse times,   hardship, will be able to see some   our academic results continue to be
     particularly about people. I am       light at the end of the tunnel and    excellent and our school continues
     incredibly proud of and indebted to   hope for the future as we come out  to flourish.
     the whole staff team here at the      of lockdown.
     school and not just the teachers.                                           I am really pleased that this project is
                                           We are all overjoyed that the         providing an opportunity for some of
     Throughout the pandemic, everyone     children return on March 8th and      the wider community to get involved
     has, to use a baseball expression,    we look forward to what I hope        and not only do I have parents
     stepped up to the plate and           is the start of the gradual return    engaged in offering support to garden
     ensured that the children have        to normality. The children will,      with the children, I have also been
     been thoroughly well supported        I am sure, be delighted to see        overwhelmed by the support of local
     and protected as much as has been     their friends again and we will be    residents Ruth Tyerman and Maureen
     possible within the restrictions placed   extending break times in the first   Baker who are helping to design a
     upon us.                              week to ensure that they get plenty  special garden area and clean the
                                           of opportunity to simply play, laugh   pond! If any other residents want to
     The teachers have worked tirelessly   and catch up with each other.         help Ruth and Maureen, I am sure
     to provide home learning every day    If the return coincides with the      they would welcome you.
     as well as teaching the children of   arrival of warmer weather, it should
     Key Workers in school, supported by   not be too long before they can       Due to the Covid pandemic, I was not
     our teaching assistants who have also   get out onto the grass and enjoy    able to show potential new parents
     provided activities every afternoon.   the open space, building their dens   around the school as I would normally
                                           and bartering for prime pieces of     do and I had to rely on our website
     The team in the school office have    timber!                               and, I imagine, our reputation to ‘sell’
     maintained communications and                                               the school this year. I was worried
     shared a heavy workload and our       The school field is undergoing a      about the impact this might have,
     cleaning team have ensured that       revamp and one of my main targets  particularly as we are surrounded by
     the premises have been deep           this year is to try and improve our   other Primary Schools all trying to
     cleaned every day making it a safe    ‘outdoor learning’ provision. I have   get ‘bottoms on seats’ as our funding
     environment. My job has been made     been successful in obtaining some     depends on it.
     much easier due to their efforts but I   funding from different charitable
     am also very aware that I have been   trusts which, when put together,      I need not have worried as we had
     more fortunate than many in that I    amounts to around £2000 and this      63 applications for the 20 places
     have a secure job and furthermore, I   is going towards the new pathway,    this year and this should ensure we
     have been able to go to the workplace   the new chicken house and new       maintain our pupil numbers and can
     every day throughout the whole        raised vegetable beds for all of the   afford to keep our staff. It really is
     pandemic.                             children to use.                      that simple!    v   2   March 2021   3                 March 2021
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