Page 8 - Ickford Informer Newsletter Spring Issue March 2021
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by Chris Sandham ,  Photos:  Henry Manisty


     Grey Wagtail January 2021 - © Henry Manisty
                                                                                 Kestrel - © Henry Manisty
     On the Wild Side

      N OUR VISION FOR ICKFORD we set our objectives for                         of a Curlew, hopefully the fi rst of a
      preserving biodiversity and ecology in the village and its                 small group that will nest here each
    Isurrounding area.                                                           year. They are a seriously threatened
                                                                                 species and therefore it is vital that
     Many of you contributed to our plan                                         their habitat is maintained and
     by taking part in a survey to identify                                      protected.
     wildlife you had seen and the results
     were impressive, listing 15 diff erent                                      I am pleased to say that a number
     mammals, 30 species of butterfl y                                            of local naturalists and conservation
     and 46 bird species. Next year, with                                        bodies are active in monitoring our
     your help I hope we will do a further                                       area and are always keen to hear
     survey to enable us to monitor our                                          about interesting sightings. Talking of
     biodiversity.                                                               sightings, I saw a very early Brimstone
                                                                                 butterfl y on 23rd of February. This
     With the new housing development in                                         yellow butterfl y is one of the fi rst we
     the village, we should all be vigilant to                                   see in the year. It hibernates in ivy
     ensure that the developers preserve                                         and brambles, both of which are a
     our natural environment and further                                         large constituent of our local hedges.
     enhance it by planting more hedging,   Lapwings - © Henry Manisty           Hedges are a very important part of
     trees and providing green spaces      The value of our surroundings         our green infrastructure for so many
     attractive to wildlife.               for certain species is of National    species, for example hedgehogs, and
                                           importance. This winter the fl ood     must be protected at all costs.  v
                                           meadows between Ickford and
                                           Waterstock have hosted very large
                                           numbers of wildfowl which migrate
                                           to us. On one day we recorded vast
                                           numbers of Wigeon, over 100 Teal and
                                           good numbers of Mallard, Pintail and
                                           Shoveler. Also plentiful counts of
                                           Canada and Greylag geese and special
                                           visitors, Whitefront geese from the
                                           Arctic North. On another day I counted
                                           15 Snipe, a delightful small wading
                                           and fast fl ying bird. It was exciting

      Otter - © Henry Manisty              to hear on 5th March the lovely call   © Henry Manisty

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