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            If everything goes to

       plan the show will go on!                                          Village Hall Update
                                                                            IRST OF ALL, I’d like to thank everyone for
      The earliest we could do would be                                     their donations and support of the Christmas
     Saturday 26th June or 3rd July                                     Fhamper raffle that we held in December. We
                                                                        had some amazing prizes and we raised £1,363
       (let us know which is best) before                               which will go towards the annual upkeep of the hall.
          you all disappear on your well
      deserved holidays - providing Boris                               You should have all recently received your renewal
                gives us the go-ahead.                                  notices for the 200 club, so please make sure
                                                                        you pay your subs to be in with a chance to win.
     We still have money to give away in prizes                         Please get in touch if you’ve not previously been a
     for all our competitions                                           member and would like to join in. It costs £10 per
                                                                        number and there’s a £50 and a £20 prize each
      •  The dog show is (more or less) organised                       month. 2020 winners were as follows:
      •  The bake off  will still be the same – enter any or all of the      200 Club Winners 2020
      •  The fl ower arrangements will still take place                   February       170     R & J Manning
      •  The produce competition needs some thought                                     145     Peter French
      •  Scarecrow competition – big or small                            March           40     P Walter/J Langshaw
      •  Ideas for new competitions welcome                                              25     Angela Harrell
                                                                         April          127     Guy Jones
     The catering and bar need to be rebooked, all previous attractions                 150     Shirley Low
     will have to be tracked down and rebooked. We’re working on it      May             54     Mick Barrett
     now. If you have any fresh ideas let us know.                                       88     Ted Green

      •  Got stuff to sell? The car boot stalls are free                  June           133     Shirley Ann
                                                                                                Mr & Mrs Sayer

      •  Got a local business or service you would like to bring to the
        attention of villagers? There will be a local business display table.  July      52     Paul Honour
                                                                                                Barbara Law

      •  Want to attract more supporters for your village organisation?   August        149     Mr & Mrs Osbourn
        Bring a table and let everyone know what you do.                                 64     Mr & Mrs Fells
      •  Interested in vintage and classic cars? We would love to start  September      164     Janet Penson
        the afternoon with a parade of cars and a display on the play area.             194     Mrs Sandham
      •  Interested in the history of Ickford? Bring along your          October         55     Elsa Munday
        memories from the past.                                                         118     Oisin Harrell
                                                                         November        26     Mr & Mrs Croucher
     Can you help on the day? We don’t need a big committee for the                      96     Annie Kinblin
     general organisation, but on the day we need quite few people to help   December    75     Phil Jones
     get everyone in place and organise electricity, plumbing in toilets and            178     Mr & Mrs Simms
     water etc.
                                                                        As there now seems to be an end in sight to
     Let’s make it a great village day.                                 lockdown and restrictions are to be gradually lifted
     Get to see all your neighbours and make new friends. What makes    in the coming weeks and months, we look forward to
                                                                        welcoming you back to the hall and facilities.
     Ickford so safe and a great place to live is knowing each other and
     supporting each other.                                             We expect that the tennis courts will be available
                                                                        first and just in time for warmer and longer days to
     Watch for information on Ickford Facebook page and in Bernwode     take advantage of getting outside again and in small
     News. We will try to keep you informed with fl yers and posters, and   groups.  Please get in touch if you’d like to use the
     the next Informer if possible.                                     courts and are not already a member.
                                                                        We hope to run some events this year and will share
     Contact us at:                             details of these in due course and look forward to
     or put a helpful comment on facebook   v                           seeing you all soon.   v
     Ruth and Jenny                                                     Liv Croucher
                                                                        Village Hall Chair                      10                                            March 2021                      11                                             March 2021
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