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FO             S      N

                                                                                      The Friends of

                                                                                      St Nicholas Church

                                                                                      Annual General Meeting
                                                                                      8  March 2021
                                                                    WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THIS AGM  –
                                                                    both the committee and members of the FOSN. Due to
      Time  for  Ickford  to  Vote!                                 Covid restrictions, the meeting is being held on Zoom.

                 LOCAL ELECTIONS                                  The FOSN is a separate organisation and charity from the
                  Thursday 6  May 2021                            Church and it exists to raise funds for the maintenance of the
                                                                  Church building and the churchyard. The overall responsibility
             OST OF YOU WILL REMEMBER that we fi nished           for the Church rests with the Rector, Churchwardens and
             the Ickford Neighbourhood Plan last year, and        the PCC but we work together very closely and we are kept
     Mon 21  May 2020 Buckinghamshire Coucil                      fully informed about the requirements for maintenance
      wrote to us as follows:                                     work. We always try to accommodate requests for funding
                                                                  and are keen to assist, assuming the requests fall within the
          ‘I am writing to confi rm that the Council               constitution of our charity.
          has made a delegated decision to agree
          the Ickford neighbourhood plan examiner’s
          report recommendations, that the plan                   Our treasurer will cover the fi gures in more detail, but I can
          meets the basic conditions and can proceed              report that the major expenditure on maintenance this year
          to a referendum.                                        was a contribution of £2,714 for repairs to the roof following
                                                                  the theft of lead in 2019.  The remainder of the costs of this
          The plan now has signifi cant weight in
          planning decisions as per Paragraph:                    repair were covered by the Church insurance and a grant
          107 Reference ID: 41-107-20200513                       from Bucks Historic Churches. Other expenses included
          of the planning practice guidance’.                     repairs to the gate and tree surgery.
      As the local elections were cancelled last year, we         Our income this year has been signifi cantly depressed due
      have had to wait for the opportunity to vote on             to Covid and the fact that we have not been able to hold any
      the plan at a Village referendum. Buckinghamshire           fundraising events except for the talk from Sandy Lane Farm
      Council are now liaising with the planning department       held in January 2020. We have, however, received some very
      to make preparations to hold the referendum on              welcome donations for which we are very grateful.
      6  May 2021 alongside the Buckinghamshire
      Council/Town and Parish/Police and Crime                    This year we are sorry that Michael Crees has resigned from
      Commissioner elections.                                     the committee. He has been a valued member from the
                                                                  beginning of the Friends and we shall miss him.
      The plan came out of almost three years of dedicated
      work, by a team of villagers, and follows a lengthy         I would like to thank all committee members for their
      process of research and canvassing of opinions of you       support, assistance and hard work throughout the year. In
      – the villagers of Ickford. In essence, now it is your      particular Peter and Paul who have continued as treasurer
      plan, and will help shape Ickford until 2033.               and secretary.

      We need you to support the plan and vote YES for it         The Church is currently in a very good state of repair and the
      at the referendum, so it now can be fully adopted.          Friends are delighted that we have contributed to its upkeep.
                                                                  Our events are valued and well supported by our community
      If you want to review the plan again you will fi nd it      and we hope to be able to hold at least some from the
      on our website or contact        summer onwards.
      either myself or David Connell should you wish to
      borrow a copy.   v                                          Thank you to all members who support us – your
                                                                  contributions are so very much appreciated and needed for
      Thanks for your support,                                    us to continue as an organisation.   v
      Martin Armitstead                                           Liz Jordain   8  8   March 2021   9              March 2021
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