Page 5 - Ickford Informer Newsletter Spring Issue March 2021
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          COMMUNITY BOARDS                                             Remaining open

            If you’d like to get more
          involved in local affairs . . .                              to enjoy some

     OUR PRIORITIES                                                    form of normality
     Each year we will look at what matters to
     our local area the most, using data and
     local intelligence to help us determine the
     priorities our board will focus on. We will     HILST SCHOOLS WERE AGAIN SHUT FOR MOST CHILDREN FROM THE
     involve residents, partners, local groups and   START OF THE SPRING TERM, we remained open to all pre-school
     organisations in understanding what the local   W aged children, and for wrap around care for key-worker children,
     issues and priorities are.               and we have really enjoyed some semblance of ‘normality’ in our daily

     Priorities for 2020/21 are:              sessions when everything else seems so strange!
      •  Covid Recovery
      •  Environment and green spaces
      •  Highways and Road Safety
      •  Travel and Transport
     These priorities will help us determine where we
     take action and allocate funding to improve the
     local area.

     We take actions on issues linked to our
     priorities. To do this, we have working groups
     that bring together board members and
     representatives from the community and   We have welcomed lots of new children   We have also been hard at work
     relevant partner organisations.          this term and sessions are bursting   outside preparing the soil for planting
                                              at the seams with children keen to   vegetables and tending to the
     Working groups identify and discuss issues   explore the mud kitchen, plant seeds,   seedlings we already have. Whilst
     linked to our priorities, and we consider project   practise their art skills (clay, playdough,  outside we enjoy mini-beast hunting,
     ideas and requests for funding linked to these   paint, cutting and sticking etc.) and   mud kitchen concoctions, racing
     issues.                                  enjoy dancing, singing, role-playing and  around on our trikes and scooters and
      •  Highways and Road Safety (including   chats with friends.                using the balls and hoops.
       Speeding issues)
      •  Economic Recovery                    Last week we celebrated all things   We welcome visits to the Pre-School, so
      •  Social Isolation and protecting the vulnerable  ‘book-related’ for World Book Day.   you can see what we do.  If you would
      •  Cycling and Walking                  Children/staff dressed up as characters  like your child to join Pre-School, or
      •  Freight Steering Group               from their favourite books (we had   have a look around, please contact us.
      •  Environment and Green Spaces         The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Postman   Check if you qualify for 30 hours
      •  HS2 & EWR Working Group              Pat, Angelina Ballerina and even a   funding on the following website:
     If you’re interested in getting involved with one   juggler from a story made up by one
     of the working groups or would like to discuss   of the children!). Every child receives   We are also able to accept two-year-
     an idea you may have for a project, contact us   a £1 book token on World Book Day –   old funded children.
     at:    very exciting!
                                                                                  Please do contact us if you would like
     GET INVOLVED                             We opened a ‘Chinese Restaurant’ in   to know more. Don’t forget we are
     If you join your community board, you’ll be able   February, and learned about Chinese   open from 7.45am for Breakfast Club
     to have your say on issues that affect your area.   New Year, as well as practising our   and 3.15pm-6pm for After School Club
     How involved you become is up to you. We’ll:  chopstick skills with rice – tricky!   too (ages 2-11 years).   v
      •  invite you to our board meetings and events
      •  give you the opportunity to get involved with            Helen Harris (PGCE Primary) Manager
       our working groups
      •  let you know about local consultations                    T : 01844 338785
      •  share information on funding for                          E :
       communities                                                 W :
     If you would like to find out more about           
     your local Community Board, contact us at:                   Club- 426184507584837   4   March 2021   5                 March 2021
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