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     St Nicholas Church Update
     It has been a very bleak year for
     St Nicholas with all our services and
     activities cancelled and the church
     building closed, due to the necessary
     restrictions imposed during Covid-19
     Looking ahead, our next church
     festival will be Easter, on 4  April.
     We are planning to celebrate this in a
     similar way to last year, so do please
     watch for the posters and view
     the Ickford community website for
     information. We will do our best to
     enable public worship to take place,
     following Government Guidelines.
     We hope it won’t be long before our
     normal pattern of monthly services
     is resumed.
     We are looking forward to
     Rendezvous and Little Stars being
     held again as so many people have   Exploration at Turnfields
                                  ACHIEVING A  
     missed these weekly events and
     the opportunities to meet up with
     friends.                     A       C        H        IE          V       IN          G          A             
     Puppet Club has been on hold for
     a year and this is expected to start
     again in September.
     Garden Fete                 C        OM                 M         IT         M         E       N       T
     As things stand with the Government
     road map, it seems extremely
     unlikely that the Garden Fete will be
                                                                     Y S
                                   S A P
                                                                                    W P
     held on 31  May. However, we are   IS A PAINFULLY SLOW PROCESS
     exploring the possibility of holding
     it when all restrictions are lifted,
     probably the end of August or the   AM SURE THAT YOU WILL ALL BE ACUTELY AWARE THAT THE VILLAGE
     beginning of September, for what   I will have an extra 96 homes in the very near future. 66 homes will be
     is our major social and traditional
     village event.               built on the site to the left of the Rising Sun Pub (Deansfield Homes) and
                                  30 at the other end of the village at the end of Turnfields.
     Thank you all for your patience with
     closures during the past twelve
     months, and we hope to see you at   Adding this number of homes to a village of only   The Ickford Residents Group (IRG) was
     St Nicholas again very soon.     v  279 may appear excessive but as long as the   formed to ensure that these deficiencies in
                                  village infrastructure can support these additions   the local infrastructure are highlighted and
        IN THIS ISSUE             then there are positives.                   to lobby heavily for improvement until a
                                                                              satisfactory state is achieved or the housing
      •  A message from John Ronane  3  Affordable housing, which there will be on both   developments revised.
      •  Book Reviews        4    sites, should both retain and add to the number of
      •  Community Boards    5    younger people living in the village.  Also, I’m sure   The IRG works alongside the Parish Council in
      •  Ickford Pre-School  5    the village shop and Rising Sun will welcome the
      •  Ickford Parish Council  6                                            the pursuit of improvements to our village but
      •  Nature Notes        8    increase in population.                     whereas the Parish Council is empowered it is
      •  Time for Ickford to Vote  9                                          also constrained in ways that the IRG is not.
      •  Friends of St Nicholas Church  9  However, the local infrastructure falls well short in
      •  Ickford Village Show  10  four key areas which are surface water drainage,   It is a slow and painful process to obtain
      •  Village Hall Update  10  foul sewer capacity, school places and safe   commitment to these essential improvements
                                  highway access.                             as we are dealing with both local and central                       1                                            March 2021
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