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government bureaucracy and it is a fact
     that the developers have most of the
     approvals they need in order to proceed.

     We have sent many communications to
     all the organisations involved and as you
     may have seen on TV, on more than one
     occasion, our excellent MP, the Right Hon.
     Greg Smith, is fighting our cause.  BBC
     South, in the form of the reporter Angela
     Walker, has also highlighted the lack
     of recognition by the Buckinghamshire
     Council of the flood risks associated
     with building without sufficient flood
     mitigation measures being constructed.


     The Council has recognised some of the
     surface water drainage issues and has
     started to address them but we still need                            Deanfield site looking north and
                                                                          Sewage bubbling up in the road adjacent to Ickford Primary School.
     additional corrective action to mitigate
     the flooding when the River Thame     As far as places at local secondary   Also as far as the Council’s Highways
     bursts its banks.                     schools are concerned we have received   Department is concerned, there will be
                                           a written commitment from Oxford      no problem when another hundred cars
     Be assured, we are still pursuing the   County Council that sufficient non-  plus appear in the village causing chaos
     Council on this matter most strongly.  Grammar Secondary School places will   around our local Primary School at drop
                                           continue to be supplied at Wheatley Park  off and pick up times and congestion at
     Thames Water are now monitoring and   School, such a short and convenient   the two bridges to and from the A418
     measuring the capabilities of their sewerage  distance away.  Buckinghamshire Council  Oxford – Aylesbury Road.
     network with the aim of improving it.  will continue to ensure that there are
                                           Grammar School places available in the   The message is the same again, raise
     During our efforts to push for        Aylesbury schools.                    your concerns directly with
     improvements we discovered that the                               
     authorities do not think that we had   However, quite incredibly, Buckinghamshire
     a significant number of drainage and   Council’s Education Department will not   In summary, the IRG, independently
     sewerage problems given there are very   commit to providing the money pledged   of but in collaboration with the Parish
     few issues and complaints from residents   by the Developers to expand our local   Council, continues to campaign on
     recorded on their computer systems !   Primary School despite this being a   all these topics but we do need your
                                           firm recommendation in the Planning   support in ramping up the number of
     So we all need to complain            Inspector’s report.  We have the best   issues raised directly with the relevant
     individually to the Council about     performing Primary School in the County,  authorities.
     flooding and to Thames Water about    a queue of applications from parents
     sewerage failures via their web sites   and 96 new homes being built in the   I wish to thank Peter Jordain, Deputy
     or by telephoning them.               village but the Council will not commit to   Chairman of the Parish Council for his
                                           expanding the Ickford Primary School.  diligent efforts to improve flood mitigation,
     Please help us by not relying on others   If that does not enrage you, as it does   sewerage and highways and my fellow IRG
     to raise issues with the authorities.    me, I would be surprised.          Committee Members of Paul Farrell, Chris
     Everybody needs to raise their concerns                                     Hall and Will Richards for their work in the
     directly.                             Please express your concerns to the   cause to improve our village.    v
                                           Council, you know you will feel better
     Thames Water for failings of the sewers:  for having done so by contacting:  Kind Regards
     0800 316 9800 or              Nigel Hillier                                      Leader of the Ickford Residents Group
     us/drains-and-sewers.                 Please head your email: “RE: 17/03322/
                                           AOP - Ickford - Development behind 42   PS if you would like to receive
     Buckinghamshire County for surface    Worminghall Road - Planning Responsibility   information updates from the IRG and you
     water drainage and flooded roads:     of Buckinghamshire Council - Appeal Hearing  are not already on our emailing list please   due to timing failings of AVDC (now defunct)”  send an email to –                       2                                            March 2021                       3                                             March 2021
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