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Book Reviews by Jo Tiddy

         ND HELLOOOO! After a brief hiatus, where I have resorted to rereading every
          book in the house, Book Reviews is back. It’s been tricky getting hold of new copy
     A as my source of literature is currently closed, and thus my ability to get my hands
     on shiny new paperbacks has been somewhat restricted. However, we hope for better
     days, and there are some absolute corkers hitting the shelves at the moment.

                                 If you have not encountered Mick Herron yet, then I
                                 urge you to put down whatever you’re doing and pick
                                 up his series of spy thrillers.                      Many of us struggle
                                    The latest, Slough House, has just been         to make complaints to
                                 published (in hardback) but the whole series is
                                 excellent. The first is Slow Horses, where we are   Thames Water re: toilets
                                 introduced to the world of modern espionage. Slough
                                 House is a nondescript office block, (not a House,   not fl ushing, fl ooding etc.
                                 and not in Slough!) where disgraced spooks go to lick
                                 their wounds and attempt to redeem themselves.       Contact details below.
                                 The monstrous Jackson Lamb is nominally in charge
                                 of this bunch of misfits, all of whom have been        So could everyone
                                 banished from head office for crimes ranging from      report any issues.
                                 drunkenness to incompetence.
                                    They don’t run ops, they push paper. When a   Thames Water says
                                 young man is abducted and his kidnappers threaten
                                 to execute him live on-line, the “slow horses” have   “We’re looking into why our
                                 an opportunity to prove that they are not completely   email address isn’t visible
                                 useless. Blackly comic and tense, skewering modern   on our website. I do agree
                                 politics, this is a marvellous introduction to the series,   our email address should be
                                 and is soon to be a television series..           visible on our website.

                                                                                   I’ve raised this with our
                                 The Costa Prize was won this year by Monique
                                 Roffey, a Trinidadian born British writer. The    Website and Customer
                                 Mermaid of Black Conch weaves a visceral tale of   Correspondence Team to
                                 a woman cursed to live as a mermaid, who is drawn   investigate this further. That
                                 to a local fisherman, David, when she hears his   being said should anyone need
                                 song. Their secret relationship is threatened by the   to contact via email our email
                                 arrival of an American father and son, taking part   address is:”
                                 in a fishing competition. Caught and displayed as a
                                 trophy, she is rescued by David and thus begins a
                                 gradual transformation back into the woman she once
                                 was. Helped by Miss Rain, the only white person on   “However, it is important to
                                 the island, Aycayia finds her place in the world again.   note, that it can taken 10
                                    Melding Caribbean myth and mermaid legends,
                                 the book weaves a fantastical tale, with themes   working days to respond to
                                 exploring love, family and loss, and tying in echoes   any written correspondence,
                                 of the colonial history of the West Indies. A complex   so any emergencies should
                                 narrative, beautifully written, this would be a great   be reported to our Customer
                                 choice for a book club as there is much to unravel   Contact Centre (CCC) on:”
                                 and discuss. Out now in paperback.
                                                                                    0800 3169800
                                 A new series for children arrives in March. Peril at
                                 the Bakeoff by Ruth Quayle (illustrated by Martha   To view the Thames Water
                                 Kissi,) is the first in the Muddlemoor Mysteries series.   complaints procedure, visit:
                                 Pip, Tom and Joe are staying with their granny for
                                 the summer holidays. When granny’s precious cake
                                 recipe goes missing just days before the Great   about-us/performance/customer-
                                 Village Bake-off, the cousins are on the hunt for the
                                 thief. Told with Ruth’s trademark humour, this is an   commitment
                                 excellent book for primary school age kids.   v                       4                                            March 2021                       5                                             March 2021
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