Page 30 - Vauxhall 20-60 H.P. (R Type) Chassis Shop Manual
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                         FRONT HUBS — TO DISMANTLE  ( After R 3060 )

         SECTION         No distance piece is fitted between the ball races in the front hubs on this
              63         model. A larger diameter brass punch will be required for removing the

                         large ball races, otherwise dismantling is the same as that for the earlier type
                         ( Section 60 ) .

                         TO RE-ASSEMBLE AND REPLACE  ( After R 3060 )

         SECTION         – Fit ball races as detailed in Section 62.
             64          – Place hub and brake drum assembly in position by hand, and thrust

                            home as far as possible. Replace keyed washer, with convex side against
                            the bearing. Screw on castellated nut and gently tighten until there is no
                            perceptible end float in the hub, then slacken nut one-twelfth of a turn.

                         To give a very fine adjustment for the nut, the end of the swivel axle spindle

                         has two split pin holes at right angles. Do not forget to split pin nut securely.

                         AXLE BEAM — TO REMOVE

         SECTION         Take the weight of the front of the car by means of a suitable sling and hoist.
             65          Disconnect the side steering tube from the swivel axle arm ( Section 52 ).
                         Disconnect the cables from the front brake operating levers.

                         – Remove the four bolts clamping each end of the centre beam to the road
                            springs. The shock absorbers can then be turned clear of the axle, thus
                            leaving it free for removal.
                         – Disconnect track rod ( Section 53 ).

                         SWIVEL AXLE — TO REMOVE

         SECTION         – Remove front hubs ( Section 59 )  .
             66          – Remove the nut ( ‘B’, Fig. 2 ) from the end of each spindle which connects

                            the pull-off spring to the brake shoe carriers. These can now be removed
                            care being taken not to allow the compression spring ( ‘E’, Fig. 2 ) in the
                            rear shoe carrier to fly out. Remove the carrier guides by taking out the
                            hexagon headed screws attaching each to the swivel axle. The flat spring
                            ( ‘F’, Fig. 2 ) which locates the shoes when the brake is in the off position
                            will come away when the front shoe carrier guide is removed.
                         – Remove the steering arm from the bottom fitting of the swivel axle.
                         – Remove the nuts ( ‘A’, Fig. 2 ) and the bottom fitting can be removed
                            complete  with  brake operating rollers and wedge headed spindle.
                            Unscrew the brake operating arm locking ring  (  ‘G’,  Fig. 3 )
                            and the arm,adjustment sleeve  (  ‘H’, Fig.3 ) and brake operating
                            spindle can then be lifted out complete. By removing the split collar and
                            washer from the top of the pivot pin, the actuating sleeve ( ‘I’, Fig. 3 )
                            which is loaded with  1 / 8” steel balls, can be taken off. Some provision
                            should be made for the reception of these balls which will drop out as
                            the sleeve is lifted.
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