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          PART II


                         GROUP I

                         FRONT AXLE

         SECTION         Description — The front axle is a nickel steel drop forging of I section
             50          centre beam and round section end beams, the end of each being bossed
                         to carry the pivot pins of the swivel axles. The spring platforms are integral
                         with the centre beam. The pivot pins are stationary in the bossed ends,
                         while each swivel axle is provided with a phosphor bronze bearing in the
                         lower jaw and a Timken taper roller bearing in the upper one, grease being
                         supplied to each through accessible nipples.

                         STEERING LOCK ADJUSTMENT

         SECTION         The steering lock stops are intended for production purposes, and only
              51         under most exceptional circumstances must they be interfered with.

                         In the event of it becoming necessary to adjust the steering lock stops it is
                         of the utmost importance that the directions given in ( Section 639 ) are
                         carried out and strictly adhered to, otherwise considerable damage may be
                         done to the steering gear.

                         On the front side of the boss at either end of the axle beam is fitted a
                         hexagon headed set screw with locking nut. These set screws must be
                         adjusted as detailed in ( Section 639 ).

                         SIDE STEERING TUBE — TO REMOVE

         SECTION         Slacken off the clips which clamp the joints to the tube. Remove the
              52         adjustment locating wires and the dust covers can then be taken off.
                         Remove the split pins and castellated nuts holding the ball joints on the
                         taper pins. Take off the plain washer and tap off the joints.

                         TRACK ROD — TO REMOVE

         SECTION         Remove by same method as side steering tube. ( Section 52 )
                         STEERING JOINTS — TO DISMANTLE

                         ( See Figure 1 )

         SECTION         Remove side steering tube ( Section 52 ) Remove track rod. Unscrew joint
              54         from each end of side steering tube and track rod. Remove adjusting ring

                         nut inside joint, using special spanner as supplied in car kit. The spring
                         housing, spring, ball and ball seatings can then be shaken out.
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