Page 29 - Vauxhall 20-60 H.P. (R Type) Chassis Shop Manual
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                                       FRONT HUBS — TO REMOVE

                       SECTION         Remove the road wheel and inner dust cap from the hub. Remove the split
                            59         pin and castellated nut from the end of the swivel axle spindle. Apply a drag

                                       to hub and withdraw hub and brake drum complete. On cars bearing chassis
                                       number R 3061 and onwards the front hubs can be readily drawn off by
                                       hand, therefore no thread is provided for a drag.

                                       TO DISMANTLE ( Before R 3061 )
                       SECTION         Dismantle hub from brake drum by removing the locking nuts from the
                           60          end of the wheel attaching studs. These studs are burred over and care

                                       should be taken in removing the nuts so as not to damage the threads. If
                                       the nut is slackened off a little to turn back the burr and then tightened
                                       up again, the burr can be filed  off.

                                       Remove the spring retaining ring, washer and grease retaining washer from
                                       large bearing housing.

                                       Drive out the small bearing with a shouldered punch. The greater diameter
                                                                                           3 /
                                       of the punch should be  29 / 32 ” and the small diameter  ”
                                       Drive out distance piece ( ‘D’  Fig. 3 ) and large ball race with a flat ended
                                                     1 /
                                                            3 /
                                       brass punch  1 4 ” or 1  8 ” diameter, applied to the end of the distance piece.
                                       INSPECTION  ( Before R3061 )

                       SECTION         Examine ball races carefully for smooth running and radial play. A little
                            61         endwise movement is not serious, but if rough running or radially slack, a
                                       replacement is advisable. Examine distance piece ( ‘D’, Fig. 3 ) for correct
                                       length. This should be  005” to  007” greater in length than the distance
                                       between the locating shoulders for the two ball races.
                                       TO RE-ASSEMBLE AND REPLACE  ( Before R3061 )

                       SECTION         To  reassemble distance piece and  ball races to  hub, reverse operations
                           62          for dismantling ( Section 60 ). Great care must be taken to see that the

                                       ball races are fitted correctly. The side stamped ‘THRUST ‘ on the outer
                                       race MUST be against the shoulder in the hub. This applies to both races.
                                       Reassemble brake drum, screwing the studs well home, and burr over the
                                       ends after the nuts have been thoroughly tightened.

                                       Fill hub with grease and smear grease on the backing, washer, which may
                                       have remained on the swivel axle spindle. Replace hub assembly on swivel
                                       axle. Refit washer and nut, and thoroughly tighten. Insert split pin and
                                       replace hub cap.

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