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         SECTION         Examine fit of balls on taper pins and balls and seating for excessive wear.
                         TO RE-ASSEMBLE AND ADJUST

         SECTION         Place ball seating cap in bottom of sleeve, then ball, seeing that it is in
             56          the correct position and the other seating cap on top of the ball. Insert

                         spring in its housing, slip them together into the sleeve, and pack joint
                         with grease.

                         Insert adjusting ring nut and thoroughly tighten; tap the end of the sleeve
                         sharply several times to settle the ball in position. Further tighten the
                         adjusting ring nut, if possible. Then slacken it off one-tenth of a turn and
                         insert a  / 32 ” drill in the hole in the side of the sleeve and drill through the
                         adjusting ring nut. Fit locating wire and push clamping clip over the end of
                         the sleeve to keep the wire in position.

                         On cars bearing chassis numbers prior to R 2485, the side steering tube
                         joints should be screwed on to the tube until the distance between the
                         centre of the balls is between 27 375” and 27 5”. On cars bearing chassis
                         number R 2485 and onwards, this distance should be 27 5” to 27 625”. When
                         reassembling the track rod, screw one steering joint right home and clamp
                         in position, leaving the other joint slack in order to adjust alignment of
                         front wheels.  ( Section 58 )

                         SIDE STEERING TUBE — TO REPLACE

         SECTION         On cars prior to R 2485, the side steering tube should be fitted so that
              57         the set in it is vertically downwards. On R 2485 and onwards, refit
                         the tube to the steering arms, swinging the set in the tube inwards to
                         about 45 , as viewed from the front of the car. The result should be
                         that the centre line of the forward part of the tube, if continued, would
                         be 1 9 / 16 ” downwards and 1 9 / 16 ” inwards, where it would pass through
                         the centre of the rear ball joint. For further details of refitting, reverse
                         disconnecting operations. ( Section 52 )

                         ALIGNMENT OF FRONT WHEELS

         SECTION         The wheels should be ‘intoed’    7 / 32 ” to   13 / 32 ”, measuring from rim to rim
             58          of the wheels at the centre line of the hubs. Readjustment is effected by

                         varying the length of the track rod, by screwing the steering joint left
                         loose in assembly further on or off, as required. To make this adjustment,
                         disconnect the steering arm from the bottom fitting of the swivel axle by
                         removing the two castle nuts, and turn the joint by means of the steering
                         arm the required number of revolutions. One complete turn of the joint
                         gives a variation of   3 / 16 ”  on the rim to rim measurement.

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