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                                                                 The outbreak of the Great War was
                                                              probably greeted with that confident yet
                                                              totally false conviction that “it would all
                                                              be over by Christmas”. It was not. There
                                                              is little specific information about life in
                                                              the village during the four years of what
                                                              was one of the most savage conflicts in
                                                              world history and we do not know how
                                                              many sons of Moreton answered the call
                                                              to serve their country at that time. We do
                                                              know, however, that amongst those who
                                                              did serve, six did not return and their
                                                              names are proudly engraved on the
                                                              Moreton war memorial:

                                                              A. Howes - Ox. and Bucks Light Infantry
                                                              R. Cross - Ox. and Bucks Light Infantry
                                                              F. Cross - Ox. and Bucks Light Infantry
                                                              A. Cross - D.L.V. Regiment
                                                              R. Pullen - Rifle Brigade
                                                              R. Farnborough - Queens Own Ox. Hussars

                            The tragedy of one family suffering the loss of three of its members is indeed difficult
                        to contemplate.
                           The Moreton war memorial was unveiled in 1920, just two years after the end of
                        the Great War. It is interesting to note that at that time the people of Thame were still
                        arguing about their memorial which followed some time later! The moral is of course
                        that when necessary, Moreton people close ranks and unite, agree a course of action
                        and quickly get things done without undue fuss.

                           In the early years of the century (no specific dates are known) there was an outbreak
                        of smallpox in the village. At least one person was known to have died and several
                        others disfigured. The unfortunate victims were taken by horse ambulance – known
                        as the pest cart – to the Windmill House in Thame.

                        Dedication of the War Memorial in 1920.
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