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Moreton Village Only 21

                           This important disposal was followed in 1918 by the public sale of land owned by
                        Viscount Bertie’s Estate which included land now known as Elm Tree Farm, Leys Farm,
                        the Old Dairy, The Old Bakery, and Bates Leys. This “break up” of long established
                        holdings obviously created an opportunity for others to buy land and/or property, but it
                        would be some time yet before those who had farmed the land as tenants of the great
                        estates would themselves be able to aspire to land or property purchase.

           Some details of Valuable
            Freehold Estates, Small
               holdings, Cottages,
         Allotments and Woodland
         put up for auction in 1918
              by the Bertie Estate.
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