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                        Motts Bakery and the much larger pond – circa 1910.
                           In 1906 Elmfield House at the western
                        end of the village was built on land which
                        had been acquired by Isaac Mott nearly 50
                        years earlier, replacing the collection of old
                        buildings which were demolished. This
                        represented quite a change of appearance
                        (being Edwardian in character) from the old
                        cottages at the other end of the village.

                           Mr. Kenyon, who lived at Elmfield
                        House until the 1980’s, owned a substantial
                        funeral directors business in West London.
                        For some time the firm enjoyed Royal
                        patronage, as well as handling the overseas
                        requirements for the Foreign Office in
                        relation to their embassies and other  Elmfield House – circa 1910.
                        establishments abroad. On several occasions
                        he  was  found  weeding  in  the  garden,
                        collecting rubbish in a coffin which he
                        trundled around the garden on a makeshift
                        set of wheels. It is not reported whether
                        this was an attempt at basic practical research
                        into the durability of the coffin and its
                        suitability for its principal purpose, or
                        whether it was simply a “spare”, which the
                        company’s owner thought to put to good
                           Given that Methodism was a strong
                        influence in the village, it is not surprising
                        that The Old Bell closed as a Public House.
                        In 1910 The Watlington Brewery sold the  Spencers Cottage, Folly Cottage &
                        property, lock, stock and barrel for the sum  Vine Cottage – circa 1910.
                        of £165.00. The name of the house was
                        changed to The Laurels until 1951 when it
                        changed back to The Old Bell.
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