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18 Moreton Village Only

                           Mabel Howes, who was born in Vine Cottage in 1913 and then moved to Spencer
                        Cottage, left some interesting memories of her early life in the village. Mabel’s father
                        was William Howes, brother of Samuel, who was the lamp lighter and lived in Willow
                        Cottage. Mabel had a good friend Bertha Higgins who lived in Folly Cottage and
                        whose father was lay preacher at the Chapel in the 1930s and 1940s and who
                        subsequently moved into The Furlongs.
                                                                 One of her recollections concerned the
                                                              way in which Moreton women responded
                                                              to unfaithful husbands. Apparently the
                                                              women of the village would walk along in
                                                              the path of a horse and cart clattering their
                                                              pots and pans. This would make a
                                                              cacophony of “rough music” and frighten
                                                              the horse into turning into the village pond
                                                              with everything following on behind.

                                                                 At the age of 12 years, Mabel would
                                                              stay with Miss Betts as a night companion
                                                              at Rose Cottage – since demolished – which
                                                              was located in front of Moreton House. On
                        Vine Cottage – circa 1934.            the one night that Mabel was absent due to
                                                              illness, Miss Betts died. Another poignant
                                                              memory was of the shell-shocked man from
                                                              the Great War who lived rough in the fields
                                                              near the osier beds alongside Cuttle Brook
                                                              near Brook Cottage. Whenever Mabel
                                                              walked along the nearby footpath, she would
                                                              whistle loudly and stamp her feet, to give
                                                              the impression of an older (and hopefully,
                                                              male) person.

                        Moreton House with Rose Cottage
                        in front – circa 1910.

                        Backside’s Pond and Brook Cottage.
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