Page 6 - Ickford Informer Newsletter - September 2021
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Ickford Parish Council

           HE RECENT MEETING WAS HELD                           Deanfields are working with consultants to decide on an
       TON TUESDAY 14   SEPTEMBER.                              acceptable lighting scheme that will hopefully not light up
                                                                the whole sky but will satisfy Bucks Council!
       At the meeting, as always, we arranged payment of
       various invoices submitted for work done.                I have written previously about community boards and
                                                                the next Microsoft teams meeting will be held on 4 th
       Each year the council receives a share of the council tax   November. If you wish to attend please contact the clerk
       that most villagers in the village pay yearly. This is paid   on ( and she will arrange for
       out to us in two lump sums and we have just received     an invitation to be sent out. The community board is a
       our second payment of the year. Out of this money we     source of funding for suitable projects within the village.
       have to pay for the grass to be cut in the play area and
       the electricity supply to the street lights in the village.   Unfortunately, no parishioners attended the meeting so
       Any street light bulbs that have stopped working also    the 15 minutes allocated to them was quickly bypassed!
       have to be paid for. Our clerk, who is the only paid
       member of the council, also receives an annual salary.   Each year the play equipment need to be checked over by
       Any odd jobs and repairs around the village also have to   RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
       be paid for.                                             to ensure it is safe to use. There have been a number of
                                                                items requiring attention this year and we are seeking
       There has been some discussion about lighting on the     quotes for their repair. However, if you see anything that
       Deanfields development. The PC, in accordance with       might need repairing please report to the clerk.
       our neighbourhood plan, had said that we didn’t want
       street lighting which was agreed by Deanfields. However,   This happened recently when a parishioner let us know
       Buckinghamshire Council have said that, because they     that a nut had come loose on the hammock. This was
       are adopting the roads, street lighting has to be installed.   fairly quickly repaired by a handy person with a spanner.
                                                                There has been communication between the villages of
                                                                Waterstock, Tiddington and Ickford regarding the heavy
                                                                lorries going over the bridges and representatives from
                                                                all three villages are working with the two county councils
                                                                to impose compulsory weight limits. If you happen to see
                                                                a lorry using this road take a photo and send it to the

                    PERFECT                                     clerk as this might help.
                     TIME TO                                    Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12  October
                         MOVE                                   at 7.30 in the pavilion and all are welcome. v

                                                                Barbara Kolbert

                                                                  In an emergency, do you

                                                                  know  where to fi nd our


                                                                                         It is located on the
                                                                                         wall of the Pavilion, in
           After our recent success in the area, we have a number
                   of clients looking for similar homes.                                 the Ickford recreation
                   Call us today on 01844 279990 for                                     ground, Sheldon Road.
                      your no obligation valuation.
                            6                                        September 2021
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