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                           The Friends of

                           St Nicholas Church

                           Ploughman’s Lunch

                           Held on 15  August 2021
            VILLAGERS (and I count a few ex-villagers in this number)
       50enjoyed a Ploughman’s Lunch organised by the FOSN.
                                                                  Entrance to the Deanfield site should look like this when completed.
       Despite earlier concerns that it would rain, we were lucky with the
                                                                  Deanfield Development Update
       weather and the event was held in the Churchyard.
       Food and wine were plentiful, and it was great to see everyone   by Nigel Hillier
       get together after such a long-enforced time when no events
       were possible. I am sure everyone enjoyed the afternoon.    T SAYS A GREAT DEAL about our unitary Buckinghamshire

       We raised just under £500, which included some very generous   Council that it took five months for our MP to persuade
       donations. We are aiming to have another event in late October/  Ithem to meet with Paul Campbell, Greg Smith MP and I
       early November and, Covid willing, our very popular Christmas   so that the Council could explain the decisions that they
       at St Nickolas will be held on Wednesday 22  December.     had made about this site.
                                                                  The meeting took place on 9  July and what we heard
                                                                  proved that, despite our evidence that the site flooded thus
                                                                  contradicting the Environment Agency’s rating the Council
                                                                  had not reviewed it and insisted on an upgrade of the
                                                                  specification of the Sustainable Drainage System (SuDs).

                                                                  What we learned later was even more alarming, and that
                                                                  is that permission for the raising of the height of the site
                                                                  by up to 1.3 metres had been granted by the Council.

                                                                  Our MP joined us on 19  August to look at the site from
                                                                  some of the neighbours’ properties and Greg admitted
                                                                  that an MP has very little power over the Council in order
                                                                  to put matters right.

                                                                  What little we know of this almost stealthy move is that the
                                                                  justification was so that the SuDs would work. That is utter
                                                                  nonsense because, as we have shown many times, the
                                                                  site always drained previously naturally to the South West
                                                                  corner, so it must be the design of the SuDs which needed
                                       Photos: Peter Kolbert
                                                                  revising not the raising of the base height of the site.
       The FOSN is a non-religious charity which raises funds to
       maintain the structure of the Church and Churchyard.       As Greg Smith commented, the answer is to build a wall
       We are looking for a couple of people to join our committee.   between the site and the Worminghall Road and Golders
       If you are interested, please contact me on 07787 512959 v  Close residences to contain any surface water run-off
                                                                  worsened by raising the base height of the site. Those of
       Liz Jordain                                                you threatened by potential flooding from the site should
                                                                  contact Deanfield on the subject:


                                                                  The Ickford Residents Group (IRG) has escalated the aspect
                                                                  of fixing the foul water network with the National Casework
                                                                  Department and will be raising the reluctance of the Council
                                         St Nicholas Church being   to provide the monies destined to expand the already
                                         decorated ahead of the
                                         Church Fete and the      oversubscribed Primary School with the Secretary of State
                                         Harvest Festival Service
                                         that was held on Sunday  for Education. v
                                         5  September.
                                          th                       3                                        September 2021
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