Page 2 - Ickford Informer Newsletter - September 2021
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       Following the demolition of the
       existing house, initial sections of
       estate roads and a temporary site
       compound have been constructed
       to ensure that delivery vehicles can
       safely enter the site, turn and exit
       the site.  A banksman is currently
       stationed at the entrance to the site
       to manage to safe entry and exit of
       construction vehicles.

       All construction vehicles are
       directed to follow an approved
       traffic management route to the                     Creating Aspirational
       site to ensure that no construction                 Homes in Exceptional
       delivery vehicles access the village                Locations              CGI image of the Deanfild Park development in Ickford
       via Tiddington.  A few instances
       have been noted where construction    water has been well documented and   Construction of the first homes on
       vehicles have not followed the traffic   the SuDS scheme at Deanfield Park   the site has also commenced with a
       management plan and Deanfield         has therefore been engineered to     showhome forecast to open in February
       Homes therefore continue to reinforce   ensure that surface water from the   2022, with other homes available for
       this requirement and will do so for the   site is only released at a controlled   occupation from March 2022 onwards.
       duration of the development.          (low) rate into the existing surface
                                             water network to ensure the          A landscaped sales area will be created
       The construction site compound includes   development does not exacerbate any   adjacent to the site compound with
       a wheel washing station which is to be   surface water issues that may exist   temporary parking for visitors and
       used when required to limit any mud   elsewhere in the village.            a sales office will open in October
       being deposited onto the local highway                                     2021, which will contain a scale model
       network.  Road sweeping at the entrance   Levels of the site are in the process   and brochures of the development to
       to the site is also taking place on a   of being raised in accordance with   enable any interested parties to learn
       regular basis.                        planning approved details, to ensure that   more about the development.
                                             drainage from the site flows naturally via
       The sustainable drainage system       gravity into the SuDs system, avoiding   This article has been provided to us by
       scheme (SuDS), including the creation   a requirement for a less sustainable   Deanfields giving information on the
       of a large pond, is in the process of   mechanical drainage system and     important development in the village
       being constructed to provide capacity   connections to the existing foul drainage   at this point in time. Any enquires
       for surface water storage from the    network and surface water network will   regarding the development can be sent
       site. Local concern regarding surface   be undertaken later this year.     to:   v

       Section 106 Funding Grant                               The choices selected by those that returned the
                                                               questionnaires were as follows:

            FEW YEARS AGO WHEN THREE DEVELOPMENTS WERE         • Ickford Pavilion refurbishment/extension including car
            PROPOSED FOR THE VILLAGE, the Parish council had to   parking area for the Pavilion and recreation ground; and/or
       Acreate a wish list for items that would contribute to   • Multipurpose sports/athletics track; and/or
       improvements for recreation and leisure in the village. To   • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) sports pitches; and/or
       this end a questionnaire was distributed to the whole village,   • Outdoor gym equipment and additional play equipment.
       at the time, when the Ickford Informer was a monthly issue.
                                                               The pavilion has already been refurbished thanks to lottery

                                                               The next two projects we are hoping to complete will be the
                                                               installation of a MUGA and a daily mile track for scooters,
                                                               children’s bikes and casual running.
                                                               To this end we are seeking quotes in order to be able to
                                                               progress this and hope that these will soon be installed and
                                                               available for use by the village.   v                       2                                        September 2021
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