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Our theme for this

                                                                                 term is ‘Summer Fun’

                                                                                  – looking at summer activities,
                                                                                  holidays, festivals and other related
                                              items (e.g. seaside/summer food).
                    June Update

          with some trepidation, on the process of creating     ENJOYING ‘COSTA DEL ICKFORD’!  Some of our children
         Ithe 2019 – 2033 Ickford Neighbourhood Plan.
                                                          Nhave already had a summer holiday to the seaside and have brought
         I don’t think any of the team realised the enormity   back ‘treasure’ like shells and fossils, as well as fudge and sticks of rock!
         of the task, and the hoops and process that
         needed to be jumped through and followed
         rigorously for the plan to go forward – and pass –
         a detailed independent examination. Passing that
         was not the end, and in early May it had to go to
         a referendum. So it is with some satisfaction and
         a great deal of relief to all of us involved in the
         compilation, that Villagers voted wholeheartedly in
         support. A resounding 91% voted in its favour.
         In technical terms, Buckinghamshire County
         Council now has eight weeks from the date of the
         referendum to ‘make’ the plan, but until then it still
         carries considerable weight.
         Once a neighbourhood plan is ‘made’ (adopted)
         by the local Planning Authority (Buckinghamshire   We have been so busy in sessions   easy for them and their families,
         Council) it will become part of the Development   that we welcomed two new members  using role-play, stories and
         Plan for the area of Ickford. The Development    of staff after Easter: Angela and   building skills such as resilience
         Plan represents all the planning documents which   Sarah (both ‘villagers’) and they soon  and independence through our
         together set out planning policy for the area.   settled into the daily routine with our   activities here.
                                                          enthusiastic charges.
         For Ickford this will include, for example, the Minerals                         We will also be celebrating
         and Waste Local Plan, the latest adopted Aylesbury   We have been able to role-play   ‘National Smile Month’ with lots of
         Vale Local Plan and the Ickford Neighbourhood Plan.  trips to the beach and serving in a   fun activities around oral health,
         The planning policies in the Ickford Neighbourhood   fish and chip shop, and we plan to   with goodie bags (no sugar!) for
         Plan will be used by Buckinghamshire Council and   convert this area into an ice cream  each child to take home.
         the Parish Council in the consideration of planning   parlour – although the children
         applications within the Ickford parish.          have been making ‘sundaes’ in   We welcome visits to the Pre-
                                                          the sand tray and mud kitchen all   School, so you can see what we
         Locally derived policies in the plan aim to protect   term already.              do.  If you would like your child
         such things as the landscape, open spaces and                                    to join Pre-School, or have a look
         dark skies, provide green infrastructure and     We have booked our summer trip   around, please contact us.
         increase biodiversity. They protect heritage assets   to Bekonscot for mid-June and
         including those of importance to the village, if not   are really looking forward to taking   Check if you qualify for 30 hours
         of wider importance, and guide development in    the children out for the day – they   funding on the following website:
         and close to the conservation area.              never fail to make us proud of them
                                                          with exemplary behaviour and such  We are also able to accept two-
         The plan aims to ensure any development doesn’t
         make flooding issues worse and aims to keep      enthusiasm for new experiences.  year-old funded children.
         development within the village boundary. New
         housing should be well designed and meet the mix   Another big theme for this term is   Please do contact us if you would like
         of house types needed in the area. All development   ‘School Transitioning’ and we are   to know more. Don’t forget we are
         should provide enough parking and not add to traffic   working with those who will leave   open from 7.45am for Breakfast Club
         problems. Existing employment uses will be allowed   us in the summer on making this   and 3.15pm-6pm for After School
                                                                                          Club too (ages 2-11 years).   v
         to expand while community uses will be protected.  move exciting, stress-free and
         Copies of the report are still available to borrow, or      Helen Harris (PGCE Primary) Manager
         can be viewed on either the Parish Council website           T : 01844 338785
         or at    v                        E :
         Thanks for your support,                                     W :
         Martin Armitstead                      426184507584837   4   June 2021   5                         June 2021
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