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The work is carried out by a group of   So far the Ramblers have installed seven
                                               volunteers lead by Bill Piers and the   gates in Ickford and the Parish Council has
                                               gates are funded partly by BC, Parish   recently approved funding for a further four,
                                               Councils and individuals/organisations/  so we are well on the way to providing the
                                               commercial concerns via the Ramblers   improved access mentioned above.
                                               ‘Donate-a-Gate’ scheme, see their
         This gate was recently replaced and is on the footpath heading north   Donors can be recognised by a plaque
         from Rocker Lane.
                                               on the gate and walkers will notice that
         Whilst footbridges are firmly in the   one of the most recent gates installed
         domain of BC, improvements to gates   on the path heading north from Rocker
         and stiles have largely been farmed   Lane was donated by Michael Hughes
         out by BC to the local branch of The   who isn’t even a resident of Ickford as
         Ramblers.                             he lives in Brill.
                                                                                     Recently replaced walkway.
         Within the walking community there is                                       Unfortunately, there are still some problem
         a general desire to replace stiles with                                     stiles around that would benefit from a gate
         gates as they are much easier than                                          replacement so if you or your organisation/
         stiles for the less agile amongst us and                                    commercial concern would like to donate
         we are aiming to provide flat access                                        a gate please visit the above website or
         wherever possible.                                                          contact me. Pedestrian gates cost £250
                                                                                     and kissing gates £375 and don’t forget
         The Ramblers is a charitable association                                    that your donation can be recognised by a
         aimed at all things to do with walking and                                  plaque on the gate if you so desire. v
         the local Aylesbury branch has been very
         active in replacing problem stiles and                                      Peter Jordain,
         gates with new galvanised steel gates.  The kissing gate donated by Michael Hughes.  Vice Chairman, Ickford Parish Council

                                             has restarted

          Coffee and Cake at St, Nicholas Church,

          all are welcome - Every Thursday, 10.30 to 12.30

         Everyone had a great time catching up with old friends who have been
         missed, and meeting new faces. Fresh ground coff ee and a good                     Every Friday morning
         selection of teas and homemade cakes were served for everyone to enjoy.
                                                                                          during school term time
                                                                                            10am until 11.30am

                                                                                     Come along – this is for anyone
                                                                                     with small children.
                                                                                     It’s a great little play group held at
                                                                                     St. Nicholas Church, Ickford. First
                                                                                     class cakes are served too.
                                                                                     For more information contact:
                                                                                     Meryl:  01844 339608 or
                                                                                     Gill:  01844 338807 also visit our
                                                                                     Facebook page:
         Photograph by Jenny Quickenden.
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