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tournament. Unfortunately, all is not looking
                                                                                     good for the future because Buckingham
                                                                                     Secondary School, who organise the sports
                                                                                     partnership in the County, have decided not
                                                                                     to continue the role. Unless, the mantle is
                                                                                     picked up by another Secondary School,
                                                                                     we may not see competitive sport which,
                                                                                     whilst keeping the ‘everyone’s a winner’
                                                                                     faction happy, would not, in my opinion, be
                                                                                     good for anyone.

                                                                                     One unequivocal consequence of sport at
         A message from  John Ronane Headteacher                                     Ickford has been the formation of a Senior

                                                                                     Netball Club (Ickford Iceni) in order to

               HE VIEW FROM THE SCHOOL AT THIS TIME IS CERTAINLY NOT BLEAK  enable our past pupils to keep playing and
               (or at least not as bleak as it has been at times in the past year and a half) but it is  competing and also the continued success
         T still not as positive as I would like it to be. I wait for June 21  like a condemned  along pathways in other sports for several
         man waiting for the Judge to conclude sentencing with everything crossed in the  past pupils. Only this week, I took a young
         hope that we can open our doors up to parents and visitors again.           Rugby player to my club Ealing Trailfinders
                                                                                     RFC to introduce him to the Elite Player
         Thankfully, the weather has taken a turn for   in a number of different disciplines. They   Programme and I received the news that
         the better and after what seemed like endless   may also recognise that we compete to   another past pupil, Amelia Gleed, won a
         rain, the school field has finally dried out   win and not just to take part, and thanks   silver medal in the Schools National Rowing
         sufficiently to enable the children to go out   to the School Sports Partnership format   Championships representing Headington.
         and build their dens. I have been very grateful   in Buckinghamshire and including Milton
         for having the use of the Recreation Ground   Keynes, we have been able to compete at   On a final note and returning to the subject
         because this has been much drier in recent   an area, regional and county level with great   of the Recreation Ground, a cheeky plea!
         weeks and not only have the children been   success.  In some sports, we have won the   If there is any money floating around from
         able to play there but the space it affords has   area events for nine years in succession   building developments a smoother grass
         enabled me to teach PE effectively.   and in Netball and Badminton we have been   surface would be welcomed. Even though
                                               County Champions several times.       the inter schools’ athletics event has been
         Although taking responsibility for teaching                                 cancelled again this year, we had hoped
         PE necessitates a whole day away from   The past two years have seen our    to get our own Sports Day back on and
         Headteacher duties, I have to admit that I   competitive programme decimated by   to get the track marked out to practice
         enjoy it. It gives me the opportunity to work   Covid-19 and last year no events took   our athletics. However, the ground has
         with the great majority of the children and   place at all. This year, competitions have   become really uneven and rutted and it is
         ensures that I am not just a peripheral figure   gradually been able to begin again and we   increasingly difficult to find a smooth area
         who appears at Assembly or when something   have managed to compete at Badminton,   of grass. I dream of a hallowed turf with
         is wrong. It also helps to satiate my passion   Netball, Golf and Cricket, winning every   pristine white lines!   v
         for sport and reinforces my belief of its
         benefits physically, mentally and socially.

         This year has meant a great deal of missed
         time and some of the PE curriculum has had
         to be left out. Nonetheless, I have tried to
         ensure that the children have had the chance
         to develop their techniques in a number of
         areas with a view to the future. Not everyone
         can become skilful but, if taught properly,
         everyone can develop technique.

         One of my roles, even when not responsible
         for teaching the PE curriculum, is the
         coaching and organisation of competitive
         sport, most of which I do in the format of
         co-curricular clubs before and after school
         and during lunch breaks. Anyone who
         has taken an interest in the school in the
         past decade will probably be aware that
         we compete where and when we can and   Ex Ickford pupil Amelia Gleed representing Headington School at the Schools’ National Rowing Championships   2   June 2021   3                         June 2021
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