Page 9 - Ickford Informer Newsletter Summer Issue June 2021
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Inadequate Highways – that
                                                                                      Department acts as if oblivious to the
                                                                                      current congestion that besets the village
                                                                                      during peak times, let alone recognising
                                                                                      that the extra vehicles to and from 96
                                                                                      extra homes is bound to put more stress
                                                                                      on already strained facilities.

                                                                                      Even the intelligent and concerted efforts
                                                                                      of both Ickford and Tiddington Parish
                                                                                      Councils to achieve the banning of HGVs
                                                                                      from using the twin bridges seems to
                                                                                      involve having to overcome goodness
                                                                                      how many bureaucratic hurdles. It is as
                                                                                      if the expensive Council Tax and other
                                                                                      related taxes that we pay are spent on
                                                                                      employing yet more means to make
                                                                                      obtaining solutions difficult.
         The two new Development                                                      Some further news is that the work to
                                                                                      review the more general problems that
         Sites in Ickford                                                             cause flooding in our village will start
                                                                                      this month with a visit from consultants
         Deanfield and Turnfield                                                      appointed by Buckinghamshire Council
                                                                                      to propose solutions.
         Latest Information                                                           As before, can I please urge as many of you

         As a number of you who border the                                            as possible to complain to the appropriate
         Deanfield site are painfully aware the                                       authorities as the more pressure that we
         demolition and site preparatory work has                                     put on them now before the impact of the
         commenced.                                                                   extra homes the more chance we have of
                                                                                      obtaining timely solutions.
               HE ICKFORD RESIDENTS’ GROUP have reported your concerns
               about the current building work to Deanfield Homes and, where          Thank you to those of you who have
         T appropriate, to Buckinghamshire Council.                                   complained so far.
                                                                                      Contact details are as follows:
         The outcomes are that the Council have   chasing by our MP, The Right Honourable
         found no significant transgressions of the   Greg Smith, I am informed, just today, that   Flood Risk - Buckinghamshire County
         planning rules and regulations and the   we will receive answers very shortly.  Council – for surface water drainage and
         Managing Director of Deanfield Homes                                         flooded roads
         has informed us that they have placed a   Failings of the Foul Water Network –
         Deanfield Site Manager, who was on site   Thames Water are continuing to monitor   Sewers – Thames Water 0800 316 9800 or
         every day from the commencement of    throughputs but not only is progress slow
         work, to manage the contractors.      but monitoring did not start until after the   Education -
                                               worst of the problems earlier this year.
         The Managing Director has urged any                                
         residents with new concerns to please   Urgent Need to Expand the Ickford    Highways -
         report them directly to the Site Manager.   Primary School – the Council
         Please let me know of what concerns   Department responsible for planning    Finally thank you to all of you who have
         you have reported at:  educational aspects so far has only   reported related issues to the IRG and if you
                                               considered current birth rates and made   wish to be added to our email list please
         As to progress on the four aspects on   no calculations of the impact of building   send your details to:
         which the IRG have been campaigning   an extra 96 houses will have on the
         for 18 months:                        migration of children of educational age.            Creating Aspirational

         Mitigation of Flood Risks from the    It is possible that the School will not              Homes in Exceptional
         Deanfield Site – the letters dated    have enough new places available for                 Locations
         February and March asking the Planning   children resident in Ickford and, bearing   The next issue of the Informer will include
         Officer whether the Council recognise   in mind that a reported £800,000 is   an update article from Peter Blades, MD of
         that the site floods and thus asking   being contributed for overall educational   Deanfield Homes Ltd, giving an overview
         how that will modify the plans for a   expansion by Deanfield Homes this lack
         Sustainable Drainage System have not   of action by the Council is nothing short   on how the project is developing, including
         yet been answered but thanks to the   of disgraceful.                         the next steps and timelines.   8   June 2021   9                         June 2021
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