Page 9 - Amo Amass A-muse is some of the fruit of a lifetimes love of Freemasonry - the Lodge of Nine Muses No. 235
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Amo Amass A-Muse - Lodge of the Nine Muses      9

            It shows  The CHEVALIER RUSPINI with his Wife; ELIZABETH (nee Ord).

               In front of him is his eldest son; JAMES BLADEN b. 1768 initiated into the
            LODGE OF THE NINE MUSES - December 3rd, 1788.

               His eldest daughter; ELIZABETH is on his wife’s lap while GEORGE b. 1769 his
            second son is looking over his mothers shoulder. He was initiated into the LODGE OF
            RURAL FRIENDSHIP on I I th July, 1789.

               Ruspini had another son and another daughter who may not have been born
            when this picture was painted.
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