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                     MO AMASS A-MUSE is some of the fruit of a lifetimes love of
                     Freemasonry, collected, sifted and edited, dedicated to Brother Masons.
             A Some idea of the authors experience is indicated in the following role-call
             of his Craft and Royal Arch achievements. The most unusual happened while he was
             visiting Ahmednagar and the local, largely native Lodge were about to receive for the
             first time a deputation from their District Grand Lodge.
                In a state of great anxiety concerning this event, the members not merely enlisted
             his help and advice but even persuaded him to accept the Masters chair. The visit was,
             naturally we would say, a success and as a result he was made a permanent Honourary
             Member of the Royal Connaught Lodge.
                In 1981 members of the Nine Muses sought my help to prepare a tribute to our
             own indefatigable researcher. The fact that P.J. was no longer able to be the regular
             attendee he had been, due to health, was certainly the reason. From many suggestions
             the somewhat daunting prospect, but obvious choice, is this present selection.
                When my Uncle retired to JERSEY in 1958 he planted himself in what must be
             some of the most fruitful Masonic Ground anywhere. It is not possible to single out
             from his many friends those for individual acknowledgement. They must be satisfied
             that it is their help, their encouragement and their affection which has nourished this
             bumper crop.
                The task of producing this book has proved a rewarding education; I am proud to
             have had the opportunity.

                W.R.C. DAWSON P.P.A.G.D.0 (Sussex)    P.M.   235 & 7905
                                                  P.Z.   173 & 2

             March 1984
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