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2 Moreton Village Only
            2  Mor eton V illage Only
                        Dear Reader

                                HEN I STARTED this project, I had no idea as to the
                                magnitude of the task involved. At the outset it looked
                        W as if it would be relatively easy to collect a few old
                        photographs and stories and put them in a binder! But very
                        quickly I realised that there was far more to it than that. And it
                        became clear that our little village had much more to offer
                        up about its life and times than I had ever anticipated.

                           Thankfully, help was at hand. First, my initial
                        request for information, sent to all village households,
                        was met with immediate enthusiasm and a tidal wave of
                        old photographs and stories poured forth. Second, I was
                        fortunate to receive very able assistance from Rosamund
                        Connell, David Newbrook, David Pettit, Geoff
                        Wheatcroft and my husband Allan.

                           The first hurdle was to find appropriate
                        funding to cover the cost of publication,
                        and  together we set about filling in
                        application forms for a grant from the
                        Millennium Awards for All Lottery Fund.
                        We were delighted with our success in
                        receiving an award, but time had run on
                        and now the book really had to be put
                        together and printed before the end of the
                        year. And more importantly, it was no longer
                        “my book” but a village affair.

                           The history, stories, photographs and documents
                        relating to Moreton seem never ending, but we hope
                        that the material we have used in this little book is a
                        fair reflection on the village and that you will enjoy
                        the pages that follow. For clarity and consistency
                        we have used todays names for all properties.

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