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The Kitchen


                                                                                ... can you

                                                                                do anything


                                                                                A local Client transformed their
                                                                                en�re house. The extension

                                                                                required a large kitchen and

                                                                                u�lity room for a family of five.
                                                                                The customer was so impressed
            The Play Room                             The Hall Cupboard
                                                                                with the kitchen that they asked us
                                                                                to design and produce furniture for
                                                                                the lounge, playroom and hall

                                                                                The transforma�on started with

                                                                                a kitchen. It ended with a new
                                                                                ground floor. It was a project that

                                                                                fully demonstrated the design,

                                                                                cra�smanship and build quality of
                                                                                Kingsey Furniture & Interiors.
          The Lounge
          Th e L o u n ge
                                                                                Call us now for our free home

                                                                                consultation and design service.

                                                                                Kingsey Furniture & Interiors Ltd
                                                                                Unit 2, Manor Farm, Risborough Road,
                                                                                Kingsey, Buckinghamshire HP17 8LU
                                                                                 T : 01844 229820 – 01844 290899
                                                                                 E :
                                                                                 W :

                                                                                Our Showroom is Open by Appointment Only

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