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                                                                                       in the


                                                                                       Exciting things are happening
                                                                                       in the bedroom. The humble
                                                                                       wardrobe is not so humble
                                                                                       anymore.  The modern  day
                                                                                       wardrobe is a thing of beauty.
                                                                                       Especially one designed and
                                                                                       built by our craftsmen.

                                                                                       People want different things from
                                                                                       their wardrobes, explain your
                                                                                       individual requirements and we
                                                                                       will design, manuafacture and fit
                                                                                       them for you.

                                                                                       We combine the finest 100%
                                                                                       eco-friendly materials with
                                                                                       outstanding  craftsmanship,
                                                                                       and a host of clever details and
                                                                                       features you may  never have
                                                                                       thought of, but soon wonder
                                                                                       how you lived without.

                                                                                       Call us now for our free home
                                                                                       consultation and design service.

                                                                           Unit 2, Manor Farm, Risborough Road,
                                                                           Kingsey, Buckinghamshire HP17 8LU
                                                                            T : 01844 290899 and ask for Sue or Fay
                                                                            E :
                                                                            W :

                                                                           Our Showroom is Open by Appointment Only

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