Work Experience with Spotlites

We get many requests for work experience from students at all stages of education from those undertaking their MA to Year 10 or 11 students.

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of placements each year at each level of education. These placements are broad in scope across the different areas of our theatrical life.

We offer a number of extended placements for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We do offer paid Internships (please see the jobs section), however, we only provide Work Experience in conjunction with educational institutions like Schools, Colleges & Universities.

If you would like to apply for consideration please email us at with your details and a brief explanation of why you would like to come to us. Please apply as early as possible.

Please note that preference is given to members of our Youth Theatre and Theatre Zone.

You can find details about how to join our Youth Theatre and Theatre Zone here.


Work Experience Feedback

Work experience at Spotlites has been eventful, on the first day I was really nervous but I felt very welcome. I have taken on loads of different jobs.

The thing I enjoyed most would have been dealing with people on the phone. I have enjoyed being part of Spotlites for the two weeks I have been there.

All the staff are friendly and I felt like I got on well with them.

Overall I have enjoyed working at Spotlites, it has been enjoyable and fun.

Jenny, 15, Walderslade Girls

My name is Max and I am 15 years old. I did my work experience at Spotlites in December. I decided to do work experience at Spotlites because for my career choice I would like to be an actor. But why Spotlites? Well I believe that it is a brilliant theatre company to learn acting techniques in. I have been there [in the youth theatre] for 8 years and have learnt many acting techniques and more. I joined Spotlites [Youth Theatre] after attending one of the professional plays, which I highly recommend. I always wanted to be on stage and be like the actors in front of me which I am now.

I picked Spotlites knowing that I would learn a lot of backstage and onstage techniques through acting and other clubs and shows which they run.

Whilst I was there I felt at home and everyone was really nice to me. I was asked if I was ok 24/7. When I arrived I got given a short induction which involved safety, expectations and topics / departments that we would be covering. I got told how to carry out each job. I got praised all of the time.

In my work experience I dealt with communications with both the public and team members. I also dealt with finance, front of house, documents and house appearance.

It was such a fun week. I learnt a lot and had amazing company. I was looked after well. I strongly advise you do your work experience here!