Singing lessons
for adults @Spotlites

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'RENT the musical' performed by Spotlites Youth Theatre 2017

Singing Lessons are available with our top professional Vocal Coach

We offer 30 minute weekly lessons between 4pm - 9.30pm on Wednesdays at Spotlites Theatre, Chatham

Lessons cover: Different methods of voice training, breathing, vocal relaxation techniques, musicality: timing, phrasing, pitching, listening and recall, reading musical notation.
You will build a repertoire of sings from Musical Theatre, Pop and Rock and are welcome to suggest songs you would like to sing.


Cost : £18.50 for 30 mins one-to-one lesson (for Spotlites members)

£28 for 30 mins one-to-one lesson (Non members)

Payment is made in advance for 4 lessons

Alternate week, fortnightly lessons also available


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Or phone to join 01634 829468

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