Puss in Boots

Professional interactive play for 2 - 7s

Spotlites Puss in Boots for 2-7 yrs @spotlites #edfringe

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(45 mins)

Spotlites boy with Puss in Boots for 2-7 yrs #spotlites @edfringe

Chase enchanted mice!
Splat magic mud pies!
Help Puss storm the ogre's bouncy castle!
Professional interactive theatre for kids who don’t just want to sit still and watch!
Little ’uns come onstage throughout!

Join Puss as he tries on his magic boots!
Boy is poor; what can Puss do? Will the Ogre eat Puss?
Will Puss trick the Ogre? Will Boy ever get rich?

"Puss in Boots is an outstanding combination of fairy tale and play, comedy and drama, interaction and performance. No one does it quite like Spotlites." (FringeReview)

'These guys know how to entertain children – absolutely brilliant!' (PrimaryTimes.net).

ThreeWeeks Award winners!

Spotlites Puss in Boots @spotlites #edfringe for 2-6 yrs

@spotlites #threeweeks #award winners

Outsanding Puss in Boots for 2-7 yrs @spotlites #edfringe



£10 (£9 Concession) (£34 family of 4)

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Spotlites Theatre
338 High Street, Chatham

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