The Enormous Turnip

Professional interactive play for 3 - 7s
The Enormous Turnip @spotlites @edfringe 3 - 7 yrs

Grandad @spotlites The Enormous Turnip #spotlites

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(45 mins)

Help Grandad plant the tiny seed! Slide in the snail slime! Heave up the enormous turnip!
Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!
Little 'uns come on stage throughout!

Join Boy and Grandad as they tend the seeds!
The family is hungry; what will grow?
Will the birds steal the seeds?
Will the slugs and snails munch the leaves?
Will there be enough for tea?
Will the turnip ever stop growing?

Pop! Kapow!

'So perfect' **** (ThreeWeeks).
'A treat that shouldn't be missed' (
ThreeWeeks Award winners!

The Enormous Turnip kids onstage @edfringe for 3 - 7 yrs #spotlites

The Enormous Turnip planting @edfringe for 3 - 7 yrs #spotlites

The Enormous Turnip Grand Parents @edfringe for 3 - 7 yrs #spotlites

four star review @edfringe #spotlites ‘So perfect’ (ThreeWeeks).

#spotlites sell out logos for this show @edfringe

@spotlites #threeweeks #award winners



£10 (£9 Concession) (£34 family of 4)

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338 High Street, Chatham

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