Dance for
16 - 25 year olds

Movement and Dance to support your acting studies

No special clothes or shoes needed.

Spotlites Youth Theatre Dance performance

Phone to join 01634 829468

Spotlites Youth Theatre Dance


Mondays in Chatham
Spotlites Theatre. 338 High Street, Chatham. ME4 4NR

7 - 8pm
Jazz, Tap, Street Commercial, Ballet, Contemporary and Musical Theatre
(16 - 25 yrs)
Intermediate level

£8.50 per week in advance
or £11 per class pay-as-you-go

Dance Fees 16-25yrs Mondays @ Chatham

Dancer's Name

Dance 16-25yrs Mondays 1 class pay-as-you-go

Dancer's Name


Spotlites Youth Theatre Dancers