Drama Birthday Party

An acting adventure on stage on your child's favourite theme!
Two hours including a Macdonalds Happy Meal for each child

We can do any theme for example: Minecraft, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Princesses,
Dance, Fairies, Pirates, Minions, Scooby-Doo, Dinosaurs, Horrible Histories, Musicals ....

You can use our Dressing Up Box. Face Painting available!

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Price includes a Macdonalds Happy Meal for each child

Or Dominoes Pizza instead for £4 extra per child

All our staff have DBS checks, are first aid trained and very experienced with children including those with special needs

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Price:- over 8s £14 per child
8s and under £15 per child

Based on the age of the Birthday child. There is a minimum charge of 11 children
Face Painting £25
50% deposit with the balance payable one month before the party by debit / credit card or BACS

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'Thank you so much for a fab 9th Drama Birthday Party today for Jessica. You were brilliant and the girls all had a great time. We would highly recommend a Spotlites Drama Birthday Party' - Jess's Mum

'A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in Ryan's Drama Birthday Party last weekend.
It was fantastic! All the children had such a great time and haven't stopped talking about it!
Your staff were brilliant and it was really good to watch. Now I know why Ryan loves Spotlites so much!
So once again thank you' - Ryan's Mum

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Special Guest Appearances:

For Star Wars parties: Darth Vader or a Jedi Master incorporated within your story £40 - so you could defeat the Jedi with the Sith Lord

For Harry Potter parties: Dumbledore or Professor Snape incorporated within your story £40 - so you could battle alongside Dumbledore against he who must not be named!

For Princess Parties: a Princess £40 incorporated within your story

For Pirates: Captain Hook £40 incorporated within your story

For Doctor Who parties: a full size working Dalek £70 incorporated within your story, so you could actually get to defeat the Daleks alongside the Dr!

Photos welcome! Guest appearance lasts approximately 10 minutes and is incorporated into the climax of the story.

Guest appearances are also available for external events like Fete openings and Christmas deliveries!

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Your questions answered:

Can guests bring presents?

Yes and parents can store gifts downstairs.

Can Mums & Dads watch?

Only the Birthday child's family.

Can we take Photos?

Yes photos are welcome, but no video please.

What time do we arrive?

Spotlites Theatre will open 5 mins before the party, we will be setting up before hand.

How long does it last?

Two hours, 1 hour of acting the adventure, then 15 to 20 minutes of eating, then back to finish the adventure!

How many guests can I book for?

Up to 25 children.

My group have special needs?

No problem, please tell us.

Can we dress up in stage costumes?

Yes, we provide costumes for where we think the adventure will go! You are also welcome to suggest your guests come dressed up!

Can we bring a birthday cake and party bags?

Yes! Remember the candles, lighter and napkins if you want to cut it up!

How do our guests get to the theatre?
Click here for our maps page and send them a link
You might suggest meeting in the car park behind Spotlites Theatre and walking round together

What is the name of the Carpark?

It's Union Place Carpark pay-and-display run by Medway Council - use either cash or via an app - details are on the machine

#Birthday Party Form #spotlites

#Birthday Party  #spotlites

#Birthday Party  #spotlites

#Birthday Party Form #spotlites