Spotlites Drama Rules 1 to 3

1) Membership for Drama is payable every week whether you are there or not as it is a termly fee. We can’t let someone come for one week and then tell them they can’t come the next because you are back!

If you decide to leave, we ask for written notice four weeks of term in advance or payment in lieu. Your fees are payable until you tell us (as you are keeping a place open that another young person would like). When you join, we run a 4 week trial so you can try us out and see if you will enjoy it. This is for 4 weeks’ sessions and a one-off registration fee.

2) We ask you come every week so you don’t miss out on anything. If you can’t make it one week please give us a call so we don’t worry about you! We only meet during school terms: we will give you a letter in advance telling you the dates we are and aren’t meeting!

3) We ask that you do not belong to any other drama activity outside of school other than Spotlites. This is because it would be like playing for two football teams - eventually you will get a clash of dates or loyalties! We actively encourage members to take part in as much drama at school as possible!