About Brendah Malahleka
What I do
How I work
I have a passion and expertise in facilitating transition from being a practitioner and into management.

I have demonstrable skill in facilitating transition from the private, especially the finance sector to the public sector for those individuals wishing to transfer their expertise and skills in a way that makes a difference to people's lives

I work with executives who have reached a plateau and /or have become stuck. I help them see the wood for the trees, thereby realise their potential.

I am good at enabling seasoned managers find ways of focusing on outcomes, acquiring an unstinting single mindedness assured to deliver.

My other key area of expertise is working with black managers especially facilitating black women to push through the glass ceiling.

I enable managers to understand the difference between managing poor performance and coaching for high performance.

Young People/ Young Adults might find e-coaching more accessible and this could be on a range of issues but in particular, I provide effective project management, approaches to cover A' level study, University study and entry into employment.

Methods of Coaching - e-coaching, telephone and face to face.
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