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"I shall miss your wit, and the fact I could say things to you that I could never say to anyone else."

"Ms Malahleka is an excellent manager, consultant and coach with a strong sense of responsibility and enormous commitment to whatever she undertakes to do. She sets clear standards for individual and teams and leads by example in the very high standards she sets herself. I was particularly impressed by Ms Malahleka's contribution to organisational change. I often sought her advice on standards of practice and value the emphasis she places on this. Ms Malahleka is generous in sharing her experience, skills and expertise with colleagues. She was very supportive to them, devoting time and energy to coaching them over and above the call of duty. Ms Malahleka is robust and has enormous integrity. That combined with her vast experience and skills in people management makes her an excellent coach and a tremendous asset to any organisation.

"It has been a learning curve having you on board and a great joy - thanks for the support and wisdom you have inputted into the partnership board".

"I worked closely with Brendah Malahleka for 6 years, firstly as a colleague, external assessor and external examiner on a social work programme in a northern university, and secondly as a social work education programme manager with Brendah as its external assessor and external examiner. In that time, I have witnessed the professionalism with which she has approached her responsibilities for ensuring the quality of teaching, learning and assessment on MA/Diploma in Social Work programmes. She pays attention to detail but also appreciates the wider context. She is thorough and rigorous but also fair in her judgements and sensitive to the issues involved. Her commitment to anti-oppressive practice has been obvious, she has been direct but pertinent in her interventions, and she has drawn on an extensive, up-to-date knowledge base. Professional colleagues and students with whom she has interacted have experienced Brendah as helpful. Brendah, by virtue of her experience, brings not only a wealth and depth of experience, one example of which I have detailed above. She also combines an unusual but vitally important breadth of experience. Her knowledge, understanding and skills span social work practice, social work management, social work education and social work policy development. Being able to draw lessons and experience from these four not always connected worlds, means that she brings substantial insights to her work. Brendah has held senior management and senior policy development positions in the public and private sectors and social work education, the latter reflecting the national standing in which she was already held by virtue of her experience. She maintains this national standing and I can confirm from my own experience of working with her that this means that she has much to offer both individuals and social work organisations".
University Professor.

"Your enthusiasm and meticulous way of working has certainly made an impression on me. Things aren't going to be the same, particularly on NVQ days".

"You are one of the few people who expect more of me, than I do myself. Thanks for that extra push I needed, to gain my NVQ 3".

"Ms Malahleka quickly establishes herself as somebody of considerable skills and personality. She equally quickly grasps the difficulties of the situation and proceeds to understand the staff and to deal with situation both efficiently and sensibly. She has a lovely personality and manages to enthuse and inspire those around her to achieve the desired outcomes. Ms Malahleka's tactful leadership undoubtedly enables to integrate differences of approach, roles and skills. She has really achieved more than could have been expected".

"Brendah Malahleka is a totally dedicated person, absolutely trustworthy, reliable and has very high professional standards. She is flexible, imaginative and engenders the respect and affections of the individuals for whom she is responsible. Brendah has definite leadership qualities which she uses with restraint and subtlety". MH "Brendah is a very responsible and dedicated person, who cares about what she does and gets things done." JA "I and colleagues found Brendah to be extremely pleasant, high integrity and a hardworking person who is prepared to become involved in all aspects of an organisation. She approaches difficult tasks without trepidation and with a well formed maturity and understanding of people's needs. The enabling professions will benefit from the efforts of this young woman".

"I personally found Brendah very easy to work with and someone who listens to suggestions and acts in a thoroughly sensitive and understanding manner. This project was a third of its kind and I can confidently say that this was the most effectively organised and successful of all of them. Considering the lack of knowledge by the workers in her project team, it is a tribute to Brendah that she managed to extract so much depth of understanding and enthusiasm, which illustrates her qualities of perception and leadership".

"We received excellent reports of Ms Malahleka's work, all praising her reliability, integrity, trustworthiness, hard working and honesty".

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