About Brendah Malahleka
What I do
How I work
As a coach I am known for my “affirming & facilitative” style of coaching.

This means that as your coach I would aim to quickly build rapport, establish an open and honest partnership.

I actively listen, a good sounding board and demonstrate that I am interested in the person’s reality.

I ensure that we focus on specifics, explore options together, identify strengths and agree achievable targets.

I will actively support you - I am very focussed on facilitating continuous learning and development.

I also give constructive feedback –open & honest- to facilitate the change where necessary. I love giving praise.

I get results by ensuring that individuals exercise responsibility for themselves. One of my particular strengths is that I inspire and motivate people.

I have a direct style, which can be liberating and challenging depending on your perspective.

My motto is: “What can you do differently?”

As the saying goes:

if you keep doing what you have always done -
you will keep getting what you have always got!
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