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The risings  of the  masonic season, to inform you of current important Craft matters is available on the Porchway website.

You will see that in many cases there are links to Porchway for further details. The link to Arena is direct and does not require a password.

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David Swain

Metropolitan Grand Secretary
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The Kent Club


The Kent Club is for Freemasons who prefer premier Events of a more ‘exclusive’ nature. Brethren eligible to attend are those who work, live or Masonic meet in London and are over the age of 35.

Please note the upper limit on this age band has now been REMOVED..!!

Therefore, should you wish to increase your Masonic social activities, your Masonic social circle, or even if you simply wish to philosophise over The Charge to the Initiate, why not come along and have a few drinks with the chaps?

Please advise if you intend on joining us

Yours, ever
Scott Cargill
Communications Officer
The Kent Club

Kent Club - update


You will no doubt be aware that the Kent club has now lifted its upper age limit and now accepts all London masons aged 35 and over.

They hold they AGM this evening at Mark Masons’ Hall (7.00pm) and will elect a new chairman.

The raising of the upper age limit generates a much broader membership base.  Even so, there are still over 3,000 masons under 45 living within a London postcode and on email.  93 of those were ineligible this time last year due to age (Connaught members).

Please pass on the message to your SVOs and VOs to help spread the word that membership of the Kent Club is open to all London masons.

Further details can be found at

They are available (and keen) to attend all MetGL seminars and gatherings and will gladly give a short pitch to any audience as to what the club is and does.  Indeed, they would relish the opportunity.

With very best wishes,

David Swain
Metropolitan Grand Secretary
Metropolitan Grand Scribe Ezra

PA: Elaine Faux 020 7539 2939


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