25 Sept 2019

My dear chaps,

Thank you for supporting me at last night’s gathering, and for also listening to my missive about CEO Sleepout - with humble apologies for another fundraising circular. I am not asking for your money, but I am asking you to take a minute to read this.

On Monday 14th October I will be sleeping out to raise awareness about Homelessness, and the plight that too many people face on our streets. I can’t help but notice how many people are sleeping rough as I walk into work every morning. Gary is one of them, and he is why I am sleeping out to support CEO Sleepout. Gary was one of my own soldiers, who’s ended up homeless and now he’s reportedly missing.

GaryExArmy Homeless

CEO Sleepout UK is a charity set up to fight homelessness and poverty. Their fight is funded with money raised by big-hearted businesses and community leaders, who will be pledging to sleep outdoors for one night - (hardly a hardship in the circumstances) - to raise awareness and sponsorship from their business contacts and friends. If you would like to know more, please visit:

Please take a moment to check out why I want to support CEO Sleepout via my own Just-Giving page and please consider them out there, as you make your way into work in the morning – or, on your way back home in the evening.

Thank you very much.