A Hall Stone
Jewel Lodge

A 1780 Hall
Medal Lodge

Grand Patron of the Grand Charity, RMBI, Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls and the New Samaritan Fund

Available books relating to the Lodge of Nine Muses No.235.
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An Account of the Lodge of Nine Muses (1777-2012)

This publication is a history of the lodge from its foundation in 1777 to 2012., Information was compiled from the Minute Books and other sources by Past masters of the Lodge.

Centennial sketch, History of the Lodge of Nine Muses (1777 - 1877)

Presented to the Brethren at the Centennial Festival, held at Long’s Hotel, Old Bond Street on Tuesday 18th May 1877.

Lodge of Nine Muses - The Early History

Compiled by W.Bro. P.J. Dawson OBE., PJGD

Amo, Amas, A-Muse

This publication is some of the fruits of a lifetimes love of Freemasonry, collected, sifted and edited, dedicated to Brother Masons. Compiled by W.Bro. P.J. Dawson OBE., PJGD

The Muses Nine

An explanation of the Nine Muses. Muses were Goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences and inspired those who excelled in their pursuits.

Becoming a Mason

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Lodge of Nine Muses By-Laws

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UGLE Library and Museum

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Masonic 1780 Hall Medal

Why did Nine Muses receive the Freemasons Masonic 1780 Hall Medal?

Hall Stone Jewel

What is a Hall Stone Jewel Lodge?

An Insight into The Royal Arch Chapter

A paper presented in Lodge by W.Bro Martin Sutton  SLGR, SLGCR