A 1780 Hall
Medal Lodge

1780 Masonic Hall Medal Hall Stone Jewel

A Hall Stone
Jewel Lodge

Grand Patron of the Grand Charity, RMBI, Masonic Trust for Boys & Girls and the New Samaritan Fund


The Lodge of Nine Muses is a member of the correspondence circle of:
The Quatuor Coronati
Lodge No 2076

For brethren eager to take a deeper interest in the Craft, its origins, development and practices, this is a splendid opportunity and they will be heartily welcomed.

Full particulars and dates of meeting may be obtained for the Secretary.

The Premier Lodge of Masonic Research, 60 Great Queen Street, London WV2B 5BA.

Tel: 0207 405 7340.



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The Lodge meets on the 4th Tuesday of January, March (Installation), September and November