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Grand Patron of the Grand Charity, RMBI, Masonic Trust for Boys & Girls and the New Samaritan Fund

Information Links

Below are links relating to London Masonry and the various websites for information.

United Grand Lodge of England
United Grand Lodge of England


London masons can obtain up-to-date information from The Porchway website if they have registered.

This site is used by many Lodge Secretaries, Treasurers and Charity Stewards and the MGL would like to grow its general use by making it more relevant to a wider audience of London Masons.

Register now on Porchway to find out what’s happening in London Masonry.

All areas of this site are available for public viewing and include various informative videos, background information on charitable work and information on becoming a mason. There is also information on the daily tours’ of Freemasons Hall.

  • Library and Museum of Freemasonry houses one of the finest collections of Masonic material in the world. It is open to the public, Monday to Friday, free of charge

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The Lodge meets on the 4th Tuesday of January, March (Installation), September and November