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                                         1. Introduction

                                           1.1.  In 2011, the Localism Act introduced a new opportunity for local
                                         communities to shape their future formally as part of the planning system.
                                         Neighbourhood Plans can be produced by Parish Councils and when they have
                                         gone through the required steps and processes, they become part of the
                                         development plan for the area. This means that any planning applications will
                                         have to take account of policies contained within the Neighbourhood Plan. During
                                         the process local people have their say on land use and development, protecting
                                         open spaces and improving local character as well as preserving heritage assets.
                                         The plan is aimed at guiding sustainable future development, and is concerned
                                         with land use and its associated social, economic and environmental values.

                                           1.2.  The Neighbourhood Plan must conform to the following ‘basic
                                         conditions’: which are summarised below, but set out in full in paragraph 8(2) of
                                         Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

                                          • consistency with local planning policy
                                          • demonstrates how the plan will contribute towards sustainable
                                          • regard to national policy;
                                          • general conformity with strategic local policy;
                                          • contributing to the achievement of sustainable development;
                                          • compatibility with EU obligations; and
                                          • meet prescribed conditions and comply with prescribed matters.

                                           1.3.  Once the Plan has passed Examination, it is voted upon in a referendum
                                         by Parish residents and if a simple majority ‘yes’ vote is achieved, then the
                                         Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ by Buckinghamshire Council and comes into force
                                         as a planning document with legal weight in decision-making.

                                           1.4.  Ickford Parish Council decided in 2017 that a Neighbourhood Plan
                                         would help shape future development in the village, maintaining and enhancing
                                         the rural character of the village. It is therefore preparing a Neighbourhood Plan
                                         (INP) for the area designated by the local planning authority, Aylesbury Vale
                                         District Council (AVDC), under the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and of
                                         the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The Neighbourhood
                                         Area was designated by AVDC for this purpose on 23  February 2018 and is
                                         shown in Figure 1 overleaf.

                                           1.5.  The draft plan was formally adopted by the Parish Council in
                                         February 2019.

                                         VISION FOR ICKFORD – NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN
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