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                                         People have the right to get involved in development decisions that affect them
                                         but in practice they have often found it difficult to have a meaningful say. The
                                         Government actively wants people to be able to influence decisions about
                                         development in their community. The Localism Act 2011 introduced new powers
                                         for communities to produce Neighbourhood Plans. These powers are in addition
                                         to existing opportunities for community involvement, which are already part of
                                         the planning system.

                                           Neighbourhood Plans give communities the power to set their priorities for
                                         local development. The Ickford Neighbourhood Plan reflects  local people’s views
                                         of how they wish their parish to develop and is as a result of many hours committed
                                         by the dedicated and hard working team over a period of almost two years. They
                                         researched and analysed the views of residents and interested parties; presented
                                         findings and  further consulted, revised and revisited the issues in order to compile
                                         this plan for Ickford.

                                           Our hope is that it remains a living document that will be regularly updated,
                                         monitored and used to allow Ickford to thrive as a sustainable community, whilst
                                         preserving those amenities and characteristics that make this village special to
                                         those that live and work here.

                                           I would like to thank all those that have been involved in the preparation of
                                         this plan – not just the team, but all the villagers for their interest and support
                                         and expressing their views which are reflected herein, and have enabled the
                                         preparation of the ‘Vision for Ickford’.

                                           Martin Armitstead
                                           Chair Ickford Neighbourhood Plan
                                           Parish Councillor

                                         VISION FOR ICKFORD – NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN
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