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                                            WH Stephens


                                                                                             Client List

                                                                                             Anderson & McAuley Ltd  MFI
                                                                                             Anglia and General     MSCS Ltd
                                                                                             Developments Ltd
                                                                                                                    Nationwide Anglia
                                                                                             Ballymena Borough      Building Society
                                                                                                                    James Neill Ltd
                                                                                             Bank of Ireland
                                                                                                                    North Eastern Education
                                                                                             Belfast Development    & Library Board
                                                                                                                    Northern Bank
                                                                                             Belfast Education &
                                                                                             Library Board          Northern Dairies
                                                                                                                    Northern Ireland Holding
                                                                                             Belfast Harbour
                                                                                             Commissioners          Company
                                                                                             Belfast Royal Academy  Northern Ireland Hospice
                                           Whales Building, Armagh  Armagh City Film House
                                                                                             British Telecom        Northern Ireland Housing
                                                                                             Budgens Plc
                                                                                                                    Northern Ireland Railways
                                                                                             Campbell College
                                                                                                                    O'Kane Poultry Ltd
                                                                                             Chancelot Mill Edinburgh  Ballymena
                                                                                             Cloughmills Clothing   The Post Office
                                                                                                                    British Legion Housing
                                                                                             Commercial Union       Association
                                                                                                                    Royal Mail Letters
                                                                                             Developments           The Royal Ulster
                                                                                                                    Agricultural Society
                                                                                             Dale Farm Ltd
                                                                                                                    Sealink UK Ltd
                                                                                             Henry Denny & Sons
                                                                                                                    South Eastern Education
                                                                                             DHSS Northern Ireland  & Library Board
                                                                                             DOE for Northern Ireland  Southern Education &
                                                                                                                    Library Board
                                                                                             DOE Water Service for
                                                                                             Northern Ireland       Ulster Bank Ltd
                                           Northern Bank, Bangor
                                                                                             Eastern Health & Social  Unipork Ltd
                                                                                             Services Board
                                                                                                                    Unipart Group of
                                                                                             Fire Authority for Northern  Companies
                                           Project Experience                                Ireland
                                                                                                                    Western Education &
                                           WH Stephens & Sons have  Many of the buildings which  Friends School Lisburn  Library Board
                                           been entrusted with many  we have refurbished are major  Halifax Building Society  Robert Wright & Sons
                                                                                                                    (Coachworks) Ltd
                                           major refurbishments of  landmarks, in fact we advised  J & J Haslett Ltd
                                                                                                                    Xtravision Video Shops
                                           public and private buildings  on their original construction  Hazelwood Integrated
                                           throughout the United   and so were ideally placed to
                                                                                             The Incorporated Law
                                           Kingdom.  We have       advise on their restoration and
                                                                                             Society of Northern Ireland
                                           therefore gained detailed  refurbishment.
                                                                                             Industrial Development
                                           specialist knowledge on                           Board for Northern Ireland
                                           costs and the particular                          R Kennedy and Company
                                           problems of this type of                                                 Project Managers
                                                                                             Leeds Permanent Building
                                                                                             Society                Chartered Quantity Surveyors
                                                                                             3m Industrial Tapes
                                                                                                                    Chartered Building Surveyors
                                                                 Malone Housing         Cost Managers
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